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Let's NOT Pretend

I wanted to take a moment to assure everyone that I am well aware of the smear campaign focused on my life right now. Legal action, both civil and criminal, takes time, but both efforts, I assure you, are well underway. Until that time, I will, unfortunately, have to deal with a hate-filled mob that spews lies and half-truths.

One example of this can be found in the way my mugshot is being used out of context for this campaign. It is no secret that a judge sentenced me to ten days for civil contempt of court in 2019 for not turning over my phone and other documents during the discovery phase of a civil suit.  I was unable to turn anything over because my purse, phone, and other items were stolen out of my car. What is not being shared with you is that the judge based her decision on inaccurate information. What you are not being told, is that after a full investigation, a detective determined that my phone had not been used after it was reported stolen, as was incorrectly presented to the court.  In fact, the detective determined that I had been truthful.   It's difficult to dispute an investigation performed by a seasoned detective, don't you think?  But this detail, of course, has been withheld from the public. 

I will leave you with this thought:  You each have a choice. You can choose to buy into this outrageous campaign of defamation, or you can use logic and reasoning and ask yourselves why the common elements of journalism are not present in this "reporting." Where are the principles of truthfulness, accuracy, fact-based communications, independence, objectivity, impartiality, fairness, and respect for others as these apply to the gathering, editing, and dissemination of newsworthy information to the public?  Furthermore, why is this newsworthy, as I do not qualify as a public figure.

Regardless, as the story unfolds, I will certainly make another statement, but until then, I feel this will suffice. I urge each of you to do your research into each of these bad actors participating in this ridiculous quest for their 15 minutes of fame. At least one of these people is a convicted felon, one was charged with Medicaid Fraud, another was arrested multiple times for theft and hot checks, and yet another was canceled by her publisher for lying.  Does that sound credible to you?  

As always, thank you for your love and support. 

Be blessed!
LaDonna Humphrey

Javier Leiva is a Liar

This was Javier's first contact with me.  As you can see, he was dishonest from the onset.  If he is going to lie to me in a text message, you must question his motives and everything he says and does moving from that point forward.

This is the police report that exonerates me.  The Judge did not have this report at the time I was held in Civil Contempt of Court.  

As it stands, we are still litigating this case, and it is under appeal.  

Who's Afraid of LaDonna Humphrey_
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