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  • LaDonna Humphrey

Important Update About My Book, Strangled

Now that the highly anticipated release of "Connected by Fate," the final chapter in the riveting "Who Killed Melissa Witt Series," has happened, I wish to share an important update with all of my valued readers and supporters.

Several weeks ago, Genius Book Publishing, my esteemed partner in bringing this compelling narrative to life, made the significant decision to withdraw "Strangled," the second installment of the series, from circulation. This choice, made with careful consideration, reflects our joint commitment to uphold the highest standards of storytelling and integrity.

I understand that this decision may come as a surprise and possibly cause inconvenience to those who have followed the series with keen interest. Please know that this action was not taken lightly and is part of our ongoing efforts to ensure that the entire series remains true to its core values and vision.

As we stand on the cusp of concluding this remarkable journey with "Connected by Fate," I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to each of you for your unwavering support and enthusiasm. Your engagement with the series has been a source of immense inspiration and motivation.

I am eager for you to experience the final installment and join me in the culmination of this intricate tale that has captivated so many.

Thank you for your understanding, loyalty, and continued support.


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