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Statement from LaDonna Humphrey Regarding Julie Murray's Allegations

For years now, because the Murray family has suffered greatly at the loss of their beloved daughter and sister, Maura Murray, I have tried to be respectful and not cast any negativity in their direction. In fact, to use Julie Murray's own words, I have tried to "engage with empathy." That is why I find it so sad and shocking that Julie has decided to come forward to make allegations against me.

These are the facts: Let's Bring Them Home, a nonprofit agency that served the families of missing adults, did, in fact, launch a reward for information in the disappearance of Maura Murray. While I communicated with both Fred Murray and Helena Murray, I was not the sole decision maker in launching the reward. We had an entire Board of Directors that made that decision. Once we were asked (as an agency) to handle tips/information in a manner that made us uncomfortable, the Board of Directors voted unanimously to pull the reward. Nothing can change that fact.

Any information I provided to James Renner on this indisputable fact was scanned in from a hard file and redacted to the best of my ability. The content of the message was not changed. The agency is long since defunct and none of the original board members or volunteers have access to the email account. It was deleted many, many years ago.  All we have left is the information we provided to James Renner.

When this situation came to light again several years ago, I regretted not standing up taller next to James Renner as he battled the Murray family and their harsh allegations against him. I have apologized to James, and I share this message with you now because, despite what Julie Murray wants to believe, it is the truth. I believe Fred Murray was overwhelmed with grief, anger, and a plethora of emotions because his daughter was missing. He's human, like we all are, and I believe he said things and made decisions he might not otherwise have done. But the fact remains that our agency, Let's Bring Them Home, issued a reward that we later retracted.

If the world, based on Javier Leiva's slanted attempt at "journalism," chooses not to believe me, so be it. I have asked others from the former agency to reach out to James Renner to confirm the truth of what I am saying. As for Julie Murray, I wish her only the best and I hope to see her once again "engage with empathy."

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