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LaDonna Humphrey


Investigative Journalist, Author, Public Speaker, and Podcaster.

LaDonna Humphrey is an award-winning writer, documentarian, investigative journalist, executive director and an advocate for victims of crime.  Her passions include advocating for missing adults, crime victims, children in foster care, and for women in recovery.  LaDonna is the co-founder of All the Lost Girls and True Crime Fest NWA, as well as the co-host of the Deep Dark Secrets Podcast and the Extinguished Podcast.


Notably, LaDonna was shortlisted by the 2023 True Crime Awards in two categories:  Best New True Crime Writer and Best Indie Podcast.  She released her indie documentary, Uneven Ground: The Melissa Witt Story in May of 2023.  To date, the film has been selected by dozens of Film Festivals, and has earned over 25 awards.  Additionally, Humphrey was awarded the title of Best Female Feature Film Director by the South Film and Arts Academy Festival.  Uneven Ground: The Melissa Witt Story is available on several streaming platforms, including Amazon, Tubi and Epoch.  

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"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us"

Gandalf, Lord of the Rings
- J.R.R. Tolkien -

LaDonna Humphrey is a True Crime Author, Podcaster,

Filmmaker and Executive Director in Arkansas.

LaDonna Humphrey's Blog

Connected by Fate unfolds against the haunting backdrop of the Ozark National Forest, where the unresolved murder of Melissa Witt has cast a long shadow over the dense woodlands for almost three decades. The mystery, woven into the fabric of the remote mountaintop, has become a part of the lore of the land, with the true identity of the murderer eluding capture, concealed by the forest's imposing presence.

Enter LaDonna Humphrey, driven by a profound sense of justice and a personal commitment to uncovering the truth, despite never having met Melissa Witt. LaDonna's connection to the case transcends the ordinary, fueling her with a relentless determination that has defined her life for almost a decade.

LaDonna's investigation is a riveting narrative of courage, resilience, and an unwavering pursuit of truth in the face of overwhelming odds. Each breakthrough and setback, each clue unearthed and lead followed, draws her deeper into a web of intrigue that extends far beyond the initial crime.

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