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LaDonna Humphrey's Books

LaDonna Humphrey is the Author of Connected by Fate
LaDonna Humphrey is the Author of The Girl I Never Knew

Book Reviews

Crime Traveller

"Unexpected challenges and unsettling threats would not deter this group of remarkable individuals. LaDonna Humphrey, former Captain of the Fort Smith Major Crimes Unit Jay C. Rider, and former Fort Smith Detective Chris Boyd are driven by a fervent desire to secure the justice that has been denied to an innocent young woman and her family"

Reader's Favorite

"Moreover, it is the dogged tenacity and powerful sense of justice that Humphrey possesses that rockets this work of non-fiction into action and will certainly keep readers flipping pages to see what clue is uncovered next and how these experiences have shaped the author as a person. The Girl I Never Knew is a superb work of true crime narration that no fan should be without."

NewPages Blog

"For over two decades, the identity of Melissa Witt’s killer has been hidden among the dense trees and thorny undergrowth rooted deeply in the uneven ground of a remote mountaintop in the Ozark National Forest. Determined to find answers, LaDonna Humphrey has spent the past seven years hunting for

Melissa’s killer."

LaDonna Humphrey is a renowned author who has made a significant impact in the literary world with her compelling narratives and unique storytelling. Her work is characterized by a deep sense of empathy, a passion for justice, and an unyielding pursuit of truth.

She has penned two remarkable books that have captivated readers worldwide. The first is "The Girl I Never Knew”, which was released in April of this year, and the second is "Connected by Fate". Both books are published by Genius Book Publishing and have been widely acclaimed for their gripping narratives and profound insights.

"The Girl I Never Knew" is an edge-of-your-seat account of LaDonna Humphrey’s passionate fight for justice in the decades-old murder case of a girl she never met in person. Her indomitable quest for the truth has acquired the attention of some extremely dangerous people, some of whom would like to keep Melissa’s murder a mystery forever. This book is a testament to Humphrey's relentless pursuit of justice and her unwavering determination to uncover the truth.

On the other hand, "Connected by Fate" is more than just a true crime story. It is a testament to the power of the human spirit and determination powered by the knowledge that solving Melissa's murder is not just about bringing a killer to justice—it's about restoring dignity to a life cut tragically short, and offering closure to a community haunted by the specter of an unsolved crime. This book showcases Humphrey's ability to weave a narrative that is both captivating and deeply moving.

LaDonna Humphrey's books are a reflection of her passion for justice and her commitment to uncovering the truth. They are a testament to her skill as a writer and her dedication to her craft. Whether you're a fan of true crime or simply a lover of well-crafted narratives, Humphrey's books are a must-read.

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