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Deep Dark Secrets Podcast with LaDonna Humphrey and Amy Smith
Extinguished Podcast with LaDonna Humphrey and David McClam
LaDonna Humphrey New Project

LaDonna Humphrey is not just a celebrated author, but also a distinguished podcast host. She has made significant contributions to the podcasting world with her insightful commentary, empathetic approach, and unwavering commitment to unveiling the truth.


She co-hosts two highly acclaimed podcasts: "Deep Dark Secrets" and "Extinguished". Both podcasts delve into the complexities of crime, shedding light on dark places, and advocating for justice. They have been praised for their in-depth analysis, compelling narratives, and commitment to bringing issues out of the shadows and into the public eye.


"Deep Dark Secrets" is a podcast that explores the fringes of true crime. Each week, it shines a light in dark places, confronting domestic violence and murder. The podcast has been lauded for its commitment to bringing these issues out of the shadows and into the public eye. Humphrey's insightful commentary and empathetic approach have made this podcast a must-listen for those interested in understanding the complexities of crime.

On the other hand, "Extinguished" is a long-form podcast that focuses on the murdered and missing. Co-hosted with David McClam, the podcast dedicates four weeks to each case. Humphrey's contributions to the podcast have been instrumental in shedding light on complex cases and advocating for justice. Her dedication to truth and her ability to articulate complex narratives have made the Extinguished Podcast a beacon for those seeking answers.

LaDonna Humphrey's podcasts are a reflection of her passion for justice and her commitment to uncovering the truth. They are a testament to her skill as a host and her dedication to her craft. Whether you're a fan of true crime or simply a lover of well-crafted narratives, Humphrey's podcasts are a must-listen.

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